Community of Unity

Since 2001, Community of Unity has been dedicated to empowering young people to achieve success and fulfillment by awakening in them an understanding of their unique purpose and potential. From providing professional development to organizing youth programs, Community of Unity creates spaces where students are challenged to examine their own lives, beliefs and social structures, and emerge with a greater sense of place within their society and the world as a whole. In 2010, Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms grew out of a joint pilot between the two organizations. SCHF has hired staff from their college-age programs and recruited campers from their partner schools. Steve’s Camp is happy to consider Community of Unity a founding partner.

School and Community Partners

We work with several other schools and community-based organizations to recruit students and expand our programs. We are very grateful to these partners for their support:

  • Apex for Youth
  • Automotive High School
  • Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment
  • Brooklyn Preparatory High School
  • City Squash
  • Eagle Academy - Bronx
  • Eagle Academy - Brooklyn
  • Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
  • Gotham Professional Arts Academy
  • Humanities Prep
  • International High School at Union Square
  • New Design High School
  • The Theater Arts Performance Company (TAPCo)
  • Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law
  • Urban Assembly Bronx Academy of Letters
  • Urban Assembly Maker Academy
  • Urban Assembly School for Music and Art
  • Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice
  • Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management
  • Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce
  • Urban Assembly School for Green Careers
  • Wagner Middle School