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As we head into our seventh summer, your support makes Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms sustainable. Please help us meet our goal of serving 200 campers over the summer and become a Camp Parent. Your sponsorship of $3,600 will ensure a student is enrolled in 3 full summers of camp as well as support year-round programs and services throughout high school.

Become a Camp Parent with 36 monthly payments of $100 each:

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The impact of camp lasts a lifetime. Survey data shows that after coming to Steve’s Camp in 2015, 89% of our participants are further along the path to living healthier, happier lives. Participants are inspired to make positive changes in their eating and fitness habits. They also feel more comfortable speaking up in a group, more able to tackle tough problems, and better prepared to manage their emotions. Steve’s Camp is grounded in the idea of evolutionary leadership. Through camp, participants gain valuable life skills, remain engaged from summer to summer, and eventually get the opportunity to become counselors. We conceive of camp as the starting point of a journey that encompasses campers’ high school careers. Click here to see our 2015 Highlights which illustrate how important it is to maintain deep connections with campers over multiple summers.



Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms
Board Chair and Founder: Steve Kessner
Executive Director: Josh Borkin